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Property management made for you

With care, respect and open communication, our experienced managers will increase your governance and reharmonize your community.


Holistic Approach

With an appropriate balance between technology and talent, we manage the financial, administrative, operational and social aspects of your condominium. With an emphasis on governance and operation, we ensure the board and the co-owners receive a high standard of service.


Strengthen your community governance by centralizing data, providing a holistic overview, documenting decisions and providing cost saving approaches.

Increase transparency by providing co-owners with access to information and various channels of communications.

Our emphasis on transparency is kept throughout by keeping track of all communication between co-owners, board members and management.


Get rid of the endless emails and CRM requests. Easily review and approve requests, invoices and other administrative documents on the go through the app.

No more guessing the needs of your community. Quickly collect feedback through the app survey and voting module.

Stay in touch with your community by easily reaching out using our app push notifications.


No more waiting on management responses, easily access building documents and personal information using our app.

With a simple click and without administrative cost, request documents, hardware and other services.

Share your voice with the in app forum.

Easily manage your reservations through the app reservation center.


Control your condominium activities at all time. Our web based tool will help you monitor and track the activities in your building.

Stop paying for what you don’t need. With our expert technical advice and access to benchmarking tools, we eliminate unnecessary activities and provide you with competitive pricing.


We know no one can do it all. For this reason our company aims to establish long term arrangements with engineers and specialists, which will allow you to benefit from up to date technologies and subject matter advice.

Influenced by the actuaries who founded the firm, the emphasis on transparency and ethics is embedded in the company DNA.


Our ecosystem is fully customised to your
building and services.

Web Service

Our web platform gives the board and employees full access to our management system. Your team will be able to access accounting information, employees and co-owners information, templates for various co-owners responses, checklists, budgeting tools and more. Our goal is to have total transparency, you see what we see.

Mobile Application

Our application provides co-owners with a one stop shop for their co-owners needs.

  • Access personal information and building documents
  • Reserve common spaces
  • Post on a forum
  • Process payment and payment information
  • Raise complaints and requests.

Selected board members will also benefit from in-app management capabilities.

Work Schedule log

Stop paying for what you don’t need

Among one of the many functions is to provide your board with an overview of upcoming building activities along with tracking of spending and access to a pool of service providers.


Strengthen your governance

Our process documents all the decision making intervention and stores the data for as long as necessary.

Reservations & REQUESTs

Take control of what you own

Easily schedule in condo preventive maintenance and let your co-owners choose their most convenient time.

With few clicks of buttons, request documents, hardware and other services that are offered in your condominium. We keep track of all the requests and communications.


Harmonize your community

Easily upload pictures and videos and start a discussion. Tag the people of interest and share posts.

Service Offered

Our base fee includes the following services:



  • Co-owners communications and requests
  • Projects coordination​
  • Staff management
  • Service providers and special projects due diligence


  • Onsite visits
  • Meeting with staff
  • Virtual office hours


  • Financial statements
  • Virtual board meetings
  • Payroll, fee and payments processing
    • Service providers
    • Co-owner
    • Employees
  • Late fee follow up


  • Operation and contingent budgeting
  • Building insurance assessment and renewal
  • Coordination with auditors
  • Coordination of tax filing and declarations
  • Revision of bylaws
  • General assembly planning and hosting

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